About us

Welcome to our website, Dockers!

Docker is a legendary gastro-pub, one of the most status and long-standing establishments in Kyiv. Docker is an atmospheric place: once getting there one wants to stay there till dawn. This is not surprising, because we’ve got everything for your rest to become a good memorable event.


On our site you can buy a ticket for the concert of the best rock bands of Kyiv and abroad. Note that we select the bands with special care, based on guest feedback and expert advice. Such legends as Uriah Heep, Nazareth, Super Max, The Animals, Boris Grebenshchikov, Andrei Makarevich, Crematorium and many others, whose names are already inscribed in golden letters to the history of the world rock, have performed on the stage of Docker. And – believe it or not – their presence is felt to this day.


The Docker’s kitchen favorably differs from traditional pubs. In addition to a wide selection of quality beer snacks (including the famous Buffalo wings;)) our pub will offer you a wonderful restaurant menu. Our chef’s special recommendation is dishes cooked in the charcoal oven – josper. Also, on the Docker’s terrace there are aquariums where you can catch sterlet, trout, oysters – and order their cooking in your favorite way. At the heart of the menu there are BBQ dishes, cooked with grilled charcoal. The rest of the menu can be characterized as international. Basically European, American and Mexican cuisine. You can get acquainted with the Docker’s menu on our site.


Bar at Docker Pub is a true clondike for those who like alcohol experiments. Firstly, there’s always fresh beer. Here are the best sorts of beer – from Lager to Stout. Though, we put beer first only because the pubs are usually associated with it. But secondly, and most importantly, there are wonderful elite drinks in Doker’s bar and more than 100 kinds of cocktails prepared by our professional bartenders-mixologists.


The one who has once “caught” the spirit of Docker – will want to celebrate every single holiday here. We have guests with whom we regularly celebrate the New Year’s eve, their birthdays, corporate events, stag parties and hen-parties and even small personal victories. Why do they call on us? Because we make a holiday from scratch, on a turnkey basis, original and memorable – from writing a script to choosing a host of the holiday, presents for guests and decorating the halls. You can find the full range of our offers here: EVENT DOCKER.

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And a little bit of history…

Our legend

The first in history pubs appeared in Irish ports, and their main visitors were, of course, port workers – dockers.

The interior was appropriate: rough wooden furniture, clumsy shapes, faded paintings.

But it was here that the dockers felt free, of course, not without the help of a considerable amount of alcohol. And any visitor, whether it was a wealthy shipowner or a sailor, felt the same.

They became “free Dockers”.

Freedom is so conditional that rarely someone reaches its absolute value.

Basically, it is the internal state of the human soul, its desire for a certain “absolute”.

Moreover, without the help of “heavy stimulants”, but in natural way.

Dockers do not accept drugs. Our stimulants are the atmosphere, food, music and, of course, the old good alcohol.

Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to be completely free, at least for the time spent with us.

And any person, from a soldier to a diplomat, can feel it by visiting us.

Even a broker can become a Docker!

But having this said, it is necessary to adhere to one important rule.

All that does not interfere with others is allowed here!

Because when you interfere with others, you restrict someone else’s freedom.

Here is no domination and lies, here is no rudeness and sanctimony, here is no hostility and anger.

All visitors feel themselves “in their plate”, surrounded by friends. This is to a large extent thanks to Docker’s music.

Rock’n’roll reigns here in all its multifaceted manifestations.

Every evening we’ve got performances of the best rock bands.

And if you can not hold back emotions – blow them out with dancing on the tables and bar counter – just make sure you don’t step on the plate or the hand of a neighbor.

Dancing on drunken tables is encouraged by the pub.