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DockerBeerFest in Docker’s – from September 27 to October 11!

The network of rock clubs Docker&Co invites guests to festival DockerBeerFest!

From September 27 to October 11 you can taste the incredible humpback kegs: the Löwenbräu and Franziskaner, as well as the juicy sausages of your own cooking, in the Docker’s – in the Passage, Podol and Obolon, exclusively from Munich.

The general sponsor of the event is the trademark of Chernigivske.


Docker Pub and Docker`s Blues Corner 

Str. Bogatyrskaya,25 тел.:(050) 358-55-13; (044) 537-13-40


Docker’s ABC 

Khreshchatyk, 15/4 (Passage), тел.:(050) 440-15-25; (044) 278-17-17


Docker-G Pub 

Str. Igorovskaya,13/5, тел.: (095) 280-83-40