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We are waiting for you at Dockers on Obolon and Podol! Hope for your understanding.

Yours sincerely, Docker’s ABC.

Birthday in Dokers ABC

День рождение в Docker

Discounts for birthdays!

Birthday is a great holiday!

A birthday in a pub, a real museum of the Docker’s rok’n’roll Museum – is tempting, isn’t it?

For birthdays give discount! From Sunday to Thursday, the discount is 30% for all menus, Friday – Saturday – 20%.

In a children’s birthday – and a cake as a gift!

You can receive a discount:

  • within 7 days from the day of birth with a banquet order;
  • only on the day of birth without a pre-ordering banquet; 
  • in the presence of a passport confirming the date of birth.

Discounts are not summed up with the loyalty program